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Take this a little tongue in cheek, not personally :-)

Reasons FOR getting a video board?

1. Lafayette? Lafayette sucks. They got the board and their team still sucks, as does their program. I’m not sure I follow your argument. Did attendance go up 20 percent? If so, get a board.

2. Agreed. The ads were nice for that ONE game. They very well could get old. Do we want to see ads for Starter’s Pub, etc? No. Would it raise money? Yes. Generate more audience? Questionable. UNLESS — all sorts of fun, goofy things are done during TV time outs. Think Iron Pigs and other minor league baseball … That crazy hot dog man at the Reading Phillies. (If you have not seen him, he’s worth the price of admission.)

3. Using this line of logic, let’s give everyone who enters an iPad for the game. They’re cheaper than ever. They’d be able to see replays, comment on play calling, etc. (YES, HYPERBOLE)

4. See No. 1. Or, how about we get helmets like Delaware’s? Or a stadium like Penn State’s?

5. Sure, why not change the scoreboard? I have no problem with that. But what’s the mission? It should be to make game day better to attract more people and keep the ones who attend. The Taylor Stadium scoreboard was the same for as long as I can remember — and attendance there was awesome.

6. Graduation is one day a year — and a big screen would be great for it. But it’s one day a year. Football games are at most (at the rate we’re going) six or seven days a year. Buying a video screen because it will help us attract 20 more games with a soccer team (or Eagles scrimmages) would be a better argument.

Why not build Fargodome east? Would solve multiple problems folks here have raised. (I would not like to see that — Goodman really does have such a beautiful setting.)

Bottom line: What is the ROI? Can the LU capital to be deployed get a better ROI/use elsewhere?