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[quote=24730]The problem from folks at LU,the stadium lights themselves are not a problem,the cost estimate for lighting the paths and parking area are astronomical apparently.


I don’t buy the reasoning against lights because of parking lots and pathways. Does Stabler not host BB games and many other events in the evening? Do people get lost walking to Stabler. Yes, I realize that FB pulls more people. I’m not offering good examples, here, but don’t other schools with parking areas have night games where the lots aren’t entirely lighted? I recognize I’m not a lighting expert, but all I hear from LU are excuses not to do this, rather than looking for solutions. If we put permanent stadium lighting, what would a one-game cost for temporary lighting be? Trying out a temp lighting situation would allow the University to really determine what is necessary and what is “nice to have” before committing. If we ever got to a place where Goodman was full (or substantially full) for night games, I’m pretty sure the permanent lighting issue would become a nice problem to have and we could afford it.