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Two quick points on the video board.

First, it can be touted as a recruiting advantage, if not explicitly (“We have a video board, Lehigh does not”) then implicitly (“We have a BIG-TIME game atmosphere at Lafayette with Kirby Field House and oh yeah the big video screen”). Goodman has a very good game atmosphere in the afternoons, I know because I spend a lot of time there. A new video board could add to that and also remove a possible recruiting advantage for Delaware and Lafayette.

Second, with the opportunity Beth Steel FC coming to Goodman, it does seem like a good idea to update the facility to be amenable to pro sports franchises’ needs. Before, only the needs of Lehigh football were really necessary in Goodman. Now the folks at Goodman have more considerations to have the chance to be good tenants for a pro sports franchise.

Very worthy of mention here is that the original Bethlehem Steel FC back in 1913 used then-new Taylor Stadium to contest their bigger games, so you could say the original Taylor Stadium was intended to be a multi-purpose field when it was constructed. It also hosted Lehigh baseball games within walking distance of Bethlehem Steel. So in a way, all Lehigh is doing is retuning in a big way to its roots by having Goodman as a multi-purpose stadium.