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In 2012 A group of my friends who had not been to a game before in Goodman returned. As it started to get cloudy in late October one questioned “Why don’t they turn on the lights.” Well another has a son who specializes in temporary lighting of locations like stadiums for events like Rock Concerts. A quick call returned an estimate of $30-35,000. Not that much more to light parking.

Permanent lighting of parking? look how weak the lighting of the parking lights are at Stabler are. I would guess lighting the “student parking area would cost as much as lighting a little league baseball field; expanding the lighting around Stabler, maybe as much as a small HS football field.

Lighting the walkway from Stabler to Goodman, heck you could do that with solar garden lights. Actually, I would suggest just a string of lights across the intramural fields.

Sure – Jumbotron, luxury boxes, better sound, better scoreboard, —- But lights first. Would be surprised if the cost was as much as the field hockey stadium