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Yes, three of BU’s 6-7 plus players have been hurt. Zach Thomas, who was averaging 15 ppg, sprained his ankle a couple of weeks ago. He played the last two games but was clearly not at 100% and did very little. Backup center Ben Oberfeld suffered a serious skull fracture during the summer and then got a new concussion a few weeks ago. Obviously you won’t see him for a while – which hurts because he played well in PL games last winter. Also 6-8 freshman Nate Sestina recently separated his shoulder, just after scoring 10 points in 17 minutes in a fairly close game.

With these players out, that means a 6-7 backup PF must guard TK any time Foulland is out. That could be a big deal. As fo a box-and-one, that might be feasible if Thomas is still hurt. When he is healthy, it would be hard to focus that much on Hass without Thomas scoring a lot.

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