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PL bylaws can be daunting to read. For football,all aid to recruited players counts towards the Schollie cap.How the aid is labelled makes no difference. I think the rule was enacted to account for the amount of need aid dispensed prior to schollies during the transition period to full schollie. Secondarily,it is intended as a budget cap to forestall schools with deeper financial assets from outspending those with less or with Title IX issues. Last year PL amended bylaws to permit 3 true WOs to be added to rosters and not subject to either the roster or schollie caps. Theoretically,teams can have up to 63 equivalencies.
I expect ,as all PL schollie squads settle in at 60 full schollies there will be gradual modifications to schollie and red shirt rules.
The competition in the northesat for recruits has become markedly more competitive over the last 10 years. The Ivies led by HYP have amped up their financial aid to almost FBS levels without the NCAA limits on the permitted number of recruits. Besides the CAA and recruiters from all over the country,we have the NEC. NEC has a 40 schollie cap but allows need aid up to the NCAA cap of 63.