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I think Lehigh was a bit aggressive with the tickets on this. Really crowded, and organization could have been a bit better. But, cool night. Sixers played great, which ruined the night for Blazers and CJ. Blazers looked worn out from road trip. CJ was very graceful with fans before the game at the shootaround (a quick hello and thanks), and for a few minutes after the game. He was swamped by fans and well wishers, but still managed to sign some autographs. He looked a little sheepish and overwhelmed by the Lehigh faithful, but he did his best on a tight schedule. Also, on the scene last night B.J. Bailey and Zahir Carrington. Saw another player in the suite at one point, who looked like Joe Knight, but I could definitely be wrong on that one. I overheard from somebody that AD and Corey Goodman may have been in stadium as well. Apparently, CJ was able to meet up with old teammates sometime between the Brooklyn game and the Sixers game. One thing for sure, CJ has reached star status. Amazing how many CJ #3 jerseys in the arena.