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Doc Qb

[quote=24922]<P>Our players get one pair of cleats a year, some players get gloves. We also don’t have lights and our score board is worse then most High Schools.</P>[/quote]

Circa ’91, you got cleats, maybe two crappy motivational tshirts, one workout tshirt with greyshorts. thats it. no gloves, you bought them. no sweatsuits or warmups. no under armour gear (it didnt exist, but Nike did). Lehigh was very cheap on that front. I would look at LC and they would have a bunch of shit, sweat suits, jackets, sideline gear. athletes do care.

look at us now, our swag for alums is terrible. you still cant get much online, even with that new product line out…it is still pretty weak. aside from an addidas golf shirt (which doesnt say what sport you support on the chest), the stuff is pretty awful. its not just our unique ( and challenging color palate), LU just doesnt seem to care or try. My shit from the 90’s is getting pretty ratty and dated?