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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

I didn’t find anything on Tugman either. Kind of strange for a guy that was previously committed to Texas A&M isn’t it?

Lafayette seems to be bringing in a large class like Lehigh did last year.

One or two more difference makers seem to be needed for Lehigh imo. I’d like to see one really quick wr. Even if he’s 5’8. Something in the Gerran Walker mold. Knott could have been that guy had injuries not derailed his career. Fernandez-Soto never really panned out two years ago. It’s not like Coen hasn’t tried recruiting a true slot wr. They just haven’t been productive….

The DL recruits are the headliners so far it seems? Defense should have been a priority (well duh, lol) this season. Not just because it was terrible but due to the fact Coen brought in some killer offensive skill guys this year.