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[quote=25110]Question is. Is it the players ?Coaching? Depth? Combination of all three which is what I think. How do they come out so flat in second half? I also don’t understand why when we were up three, we didn’t just foul them and say ok make your foul shots and we’re getting the ball back. Even if they make 2, we get the ball back up 1. Not sure which game it was but this happened Earlier in year at home and I questioned Brett on his decision not to foul.


Can’t foul that early. They make two and trail by one. Then they try for a steal in backcourt and, if that is not successful, then intentionally foul. If you don’t make both FT’s, then all they need is a two-pointer. If everything goes right for you, then you’re back where you started but with maybe only 10 seconds left.

Intentional foul when up by three isn’t really an option until final 7-8 seconds or less.