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Doc Qb

Getting players for a scheme is not as relevant as thought here, the teaching of it and game plan is, and that rests squarely on the D coaching staff that seems to have survived last year. Tackling, covering, making plays. It’s not ‘we only have one rover’ garbage, it’s a SS by another name. That’s all. No magic. 3 DL instead of four. Three LBs (undersized in our case) and five DBs. You have to control the gaps u can, the zones in secondary you can, solid ,am coverage when us gamble and blitz..the ‘haven’t played it before’ idea for the players is dumb, it’s football. How one mixes that up, scheme, is all coaching. And it appears intact.

That said, the OL guys seem to have size, and we’ll coach them up no doubt. We, slot guys or not, seem small, not much frame to grow into. With roster limits and injuries, would hope for more durable guys sizewise w scholarships. Maybe a TE or OL guy can be a DL guy, I think a little more beef here helps always.

Question for the board…Craven, Timo, Mayes, Shaf, now Monaco. Five guys on roster at QB. 12% of your scholarship roster at one position, one that only one guy can play. I think it too many, especially if all are full ticket guys. Kinda like five punters, right? Maybe crav and Timo are not full schoollie guys, they were not recruited heavily at all. If they are, we are rationing out rides poorly. Four is enough, then u get one next cycle. Thoughts?