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Agree on the depth of QBs. Great to have that many, but … The new QB recruit from Fla actually looks outstanding, throws well when rolling out especially.

Maybe he just really wanted to come to Air Lehigh?

Then there’s #22 in the videos — can’t remember his name — whom I think we recruited as a WR, but he played QB in the highlights. He was incredibly shifty runner.

I know from the schools around me that there are decent recruits who have not committed — still waiting for that college fit, that D-I offer, trickle-down effect, want better $, whatever reason. We may end up with one or two guys waiting for a big offer elsewhere that never comes through.

Hopefully an LB, punter (do we really need a scholly for that?) or … There likely are some guys still out there who can play at this level, schollies or not.

I still can’t believe, after that near-(defensive) debacle vs. Lafayette (yeah, beat me up on that comment), there has been no movement on the D scheme or coaching side.