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I was a History major. Nevrr even took Physics. Rocks I was my science :-).
I would like to see Caslow at OLB and Barrett/Lambert at Rover. Inside we onle have Mitchell at 38285 behind him perhaps Ripanti and Buskirk. Morrow is healthy so move him inside.
Andy loves moving guys forward. It does get more athleticism up front theoretically. One of the main issues last year was lack of sixe combined with inexperience all over. A 175 lb Rover. McCloskey forced in at S. He was lost many times . Underclassmen all over 2 deep on D. We have to hope that the 2nd year of this D will be better as staff and players are more familiar with it. Both looked lost often last year. While not the solution many of us hoped, it appears thats what we have.