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Spread, read option, spread option. All variations have the same goal to spread the D and attack the gaps. 3-3-5,4-2-5 and 3-3-4 are designed to face the spread bariations. All have plusses and minuses. Two issues from last year. Injuries at R and S. No adequate back ups. Couple that with a staff and players in a new system. I dont know if those are the right causes but they are the most evident. Admit, I have had serious isdues with every D staff since Coach K left.Not sure about this staff.
The CBs are cover corners Rigaud actually did a good job. The issue on that side more often than not was a breakdown behind him, one or both Ss out of position. Leaks likely the fastest and best athlete in the back. Bit to often on double moves and gambled. I want him to be aggressive but he also needs better reads and consistent S coverage behind him.
Consistency is coaching and PT experience.
Front 6 s/b better. Lack of size is overused. NG and MLB need size and more importantly strength. We have had very good DTs and NGs 260 and lower. I think we have the players for a good D. Hope this staff knows scheme better to teach it and run it.