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Yes I hear you Miller. I don’t want to be negative. I love Lehigh basketball. I tend sometimes To get to stressed over the games lol. I just want to see an improvement in certain areas. It’s not hard to change a few things around. Esp when it comes to new ideas during stoppages. And not to mention music. I mean now a days everything is on computer. I tunes, iPods. Can download any song in less then a min. It’s simple things to start. I was really impressed with Lafayette the other night. They were doing it the way it should be done. I understand attendance is an issue and it is everywhere. Bucknell wasn’t even near sold out for that big game. I just want to see a better atmosphere at stabler. I’d watch the jump roper kids every game lol. They are fantastic. Anyway. I’ll focus on how hot this team is right now. Going to be fun.