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So, looking ahead, who will we play next Thursday in the Quarter-final Round of the PL Playoffs at Stabler Arena? As Chip pointed out above, we still have a chance at the #1 seed but the odds are we’ll land where we are now, firmly implanted as the #2. And……………

If we gain the #1 Seed, which by the way earns us a ticket to the NIT should we not prevail as PL Tournament Champions, it’ll be the winner of the game featuring #8 @ #9 (Holy Cross). The candidates for #8 are: Navy, Loyola or American.

If we end up the #2 seed, as we’re assured of no matter what happens tomorrow up at Army on Saturday, we’ll face the winner of the game featuring #10 (Lafayette) @ #7. The candidates for #7 are, as they are above: Navy, Loyola or American.

For kicks, what’s everyone’s choice between: HC, Navy, Loyola, American or Lafayette?

Who would you rather play and why?