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While the consensus pick has to be Navy tonight, wouldn’t it be nice to welcome Lafayette to Stable on Thursday?

As a guy who bleeds the proverbial Brown and White, it hurts me to say it but I’m pulling for O’Hanlon’s bunch tonight. My reasoning is simply based on LU’s past performances against each of the two teams, the acknowledged strength of Navy, and the thought of seeing a full house (ok, a big house) at Stabler once in my life.

    Our performance this year Vs. Lafayette

15 point win in Easton
12 point win at Stabler

    Our performance this year Vs. Navy

5 point loss at Stabler
3 point win at Annapolis

    Navy’s Strength

Ability to outscore us and others this year in the paint:
In the game we won, they did it by 24 (36 to12)
In the game we lost, they did it by 28 (48 to 20)
Against Bucky a few days ago, they did it by 8 (28 to 20)

Multiple scoring threats

4 double-digits guys each night is not that unusual

Against us: Kelly/Anderson/Lacy
16 for 270 and 41 points
19 for 30 and 46 points

Team Ball

While it hasn’t always been the case, you had to be impressed with 21 assists on 23 made field goals against Bucky a few days ago