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Impossible to predict these games. PL seems closer this year in talent than any year in the past 10. Literally, any team can win anywhere. Home court doesn’t even seem to matter. In fact, I kind of like Lehigh on the road, even more than I like them in Stabler.

What gives me a good feeling is 1 and 3 seed are gone, we have played the remaining teams well, and AP didn’t play well last night, nor did Lehigh overall. I think we can raise our overall level of play. I don’t want to see HC in the final. I don’t like to see Cinderella in the final, although we will get either Cinderella HC (with 3 road wins and a good tactician in Carmody on the bench), or Army, who has never made the Dance. Tricky final either way. I like our chances on Sunday. We match up well with American, it seems.

Go Lehigh!!