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I just realized, after reading 65’s great post, that this graduating class never made an NCAA appearance. I remember sitting close to JG, then a HS senior, at the Lehigh/Duke game. We were so high, on this group coming in, as we thought we had raised the talent level on the backs of the CJM/HG/GK era. So, incredibly disappointing for this senior class. They had their ups and downs. JC lost a year, due to his English playing background, and carved out a decent college career as a 3 point shooter. Never developed into the paint presence we hoped when we signed “The Body”, but he did some nice things, especially this season. DC lost a year, and probably more, to the knee injury. We thought we were getting a special player and we were all so high on him after his decorated HS career. He had an unfortunate college career, with the injury, and then some younger players taking minutes when he came back, but he finally gave us something in his senior campaign. JRG was recruited by us, then went to Lipscomb, only to transfer to Lehigh, in kind of a BJ Bailey type move. We thought we were getting a slasher/leaper, but he proved in his senior season, when he finally got minutes, to be a glue guy and a perimeter player. And, finally JG, who had a solid Lehigh career. He contributed length, a post presence and an energy big, especially early in his Lehigh career. He didn’t develop into the 10/10 guy that we hoped for, but he was solid. He will always be a bit of an enigma for me with his senior season. He just didn’t seem to show what he had shown earlier in his career, due to injury or something else, but I enjoyed watching him. We knew he was a bit of a project, when we signed him, and he contributed every season.

Overall, have to give this group about a C+. The Zach Stahl decommit was critical to this class, as he was a really solid player for Northeastern, espcecially over his last 2 seasons. Obviously, wish these guys the best of luck. Don’t see them playing any professional basketball, first group in awhile, not to, but solid college players.