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I have absolutely no evidence of this but I think that there may be a strong chance that Doc does not have the full complement of 13 schollies. Again this is all conjecture, but when football scholarships went into effect, there were some Title IX issues which were mitigated with women’s rowing and some additional scholarships in women’s sports but I suspect that there may have been some judicious cuts in other men’s sports.
With that being said, if Lehigh only has 12 scholarships to give out, we may be down 1 next year but there will also only be 2 graduating seniors (very key ones though). My thought is that Reed would love to split it 4 years of 3. If something ideal drops in his lap though, he would be hard pressed to turn it down. Ideally, it would be nice to find a big who has a grad year available and wants to use it here.