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Wasn’t being snarky. This group is very smart and pretty. Partly frustation because they are also very talented.Injuries and illness likely a factor this year. But this team could not maintain their focus or confidence. We started out very well then hit a wall and a long losing streak. Today we played with intensity for a half after that nothing. The story of the season. No PG as TMH noted a problem. Hopefully the frosh for next year can fit in quickly. Campbell and Mann seem to be our Gs. Burton came in as a very highly rated PG. As yet she hasn’t taken the spot. Devanney is a 2 G shooter. Up front Martins is a superstar. We have a lot of height in the front court to surround her. Hopefully we will find an effective rotation. I was very optimistic coming into this year. Puzzled . 18 wins is not a bad year but it should have been better.