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I think you have to look with a little perspective on this one. He was a bit of a tweener for me (somewhere between D1 and D2/D3), probably not a D1 basketball player, and probably better served at a lower level.

He is not as big a loss at MS was last year. He saw same thing MS probably saw, an All Conference player at his position in front of him, who will command 30+ minutes a night, and the same class year.

I never had a ton of confidence with him on the floor, although he did hold his own, and contributed at times. His 3 point shooting seemed to improve. But, he scored a grand total of 77 points in 2 seasons (37 games). So, about 1 basket per game we are losing, and as noted above his A/T ratio was pretty poor. I think KL can cover those minutes or Cohen, pretty easily. BA could also play a little PG in a pinch, as could AP.

I don’t think there is any way DC stays next year. If we couldn’t find a spot for a player like AD, I think coaches happy to bring in new talent to replace DC. His career wasn’t exactly stellar, due to injury or another reason. 29 points in his first 3 seasons, followed by 105 this year, or about 3 ppg. Just not athletic enough, and no burst or explosiveness. Mediocre shooter.

I don’t think this is the case, but you have to wonder if staff is giving off a vibe that these guys are better off transferring, as they have upgraded the talent level in the BR era. Many schools encourage transfers, not typically academic places, but perhaps the staff has made it known that playing time will be very limited if you stay. You would see that more with a new coach, not an established one, but a lot of transfers recently at Lehigh, after very few for a long period. But, most guys headed home to play more for lesser programs.

The name that really is intriguing to me was brought up by Bum earlier, Paul Jorgensen. Kid is a really good player, played a fair amount on the NIT championship team, and may have started for GW next year. Odd transfer, but he would look great at Lehigh in the future. Looks like he played his HS ball in NJ, but from NYC area. So, would be slightly closer to home. Not next year, as he would be sitting out, but kid would be great in PL. Vaughn Covington still sitting out there uncommitted, as well.