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Trav, I did attend the program and, like every other year, came away impressed by the caliber of those in charge – our coaching staff – and those they mentor – the student athletes. As for the awards, TK was named “Outstanding Athlete” (no surprise), KR the Coaches Award for unselfish play and overall performance, and JRG the Scholar-Athlete designation (4.0 in his last semester and 3.5 overall). As is the custom, a 15 minute film was shown highlighting everyone’s play – and I mean everyone … from JJ to TK. Lehigh “L” letters were awarded to JJ and KL, as well. The program ended with our three departing seniors (JG, JRG, and JC) giving their farewell speeches-always the program highlight. Most importantly, I walked away thinking these guys – walking wounded, included – are ready to get back at it and claim 2016-17 as their year.