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I think LaSalle will be quite good next year. They return their top 6 players plus add FOUR power conference transfers from Arizona St, Memphis, South Carolina, and Syracuse. They will have some serious talent. Remains to be seen if they can bring it together but Giannini has succeeded with transfers before and my guess is they are very good next year.

The Arizona State transfer is Savon Goodman who played his first game for ASU when Lehigh beat them in Tempe. He is now on his 3rd school.


You’re not giving Goodman enough credit. He’s actually on his fourth school. In addition to ASU and UNLV, he also spent time at a JUCO but didn’t play. He left UNLV after being suspended for a full year when he was arrested for several felonies. This past year he was suspended by ASU for four games for violation of team rules and lost his starting spot when he returned. Hurley reportedly did not want him to return.

It will be interesting to see how well Giannini can get next year’s group to play as a team. He will have four transfers from big-time programs who may all think they should be the focus of the offense. And as you say, he will also return their top six scorers. Can he blend these ten into a cohesive team? Given that they were an awful team last year, I am less optimistic than you about how good they will be. Maybe middle-of-the-pack A10 would be my guess.