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[quote quote=26951]Lehigh’s defense definitely improved towards the end of the season in the sense that it was more consistent.

The last 3 games were:
38 points to Holy Cross
49 to Colgate
35 to Lafayette (one of THE worst offenses in all of FCS)

There is nothing to base any expectation for improvement on defense this year. We gave up 49+ points on 4 separate occasions last year and our DC somehow kept his job. Didn’t think it was possible but I thought the defense actually regressed from 2014. It’s really a shame because the offense could be very good, but unfortunately based on Coen’s inability to properly staff this team, 7-4 or 6-5 is inevitable. No league championship and no playoffs.


Well, the facts don’t lie regarding points surrendered. It was my impression that the D had shown more consistency – maybe not. Nonetheless, I’m more optimistic for this season than for last.