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There should be no losses in the league. Barring key injuries, if a Lehigh team cannot win the PL with a three-year starting senior QB and its depth on offense, there’s a problem in Bethlehem.

I just hope the D improves dramatically. I know of no DCs (or many HCs) who can survive giving up 33 ppg and 450-475 ypg two years in a row (I think he’s entering year 3 this go-around). HC apparently trusts DC to deliver — a year after some on this board thought one or more coaches should go.

Where we came from on D:
2013: 31 ppg, 436 ypg
2012: 21, 354
2011: 20, 314
2010: 19, 345

If D plays like 2012, there should be a nice playoff run.