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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

[quote quote=26987]yeah, Colgate was to aggressive..LOL. Hence the PL title and DEEP playoff run last yr. Quit crying people, scheduling some FBS schools would be great, would also help with recruiting. Kids that get overlooked would love the chance to play in front of 50,000 and show what they could do. We offer schollies now, act like it.


I think what helped propel Colgate’s playoff run was playing UNH earlier in the year. Not going to down to Annapolis and getting run over by Keenan Reynolds.

I don’t have a problem with playing FBS games now and then. But scheduling them yearly is silly because at the end of the day you’re scheduling losses 98% of the time.

Having the chance to be part of the Lehigh-Lafayette rivalry for 4 years is huge in terms of recruiting imo. That offsets not having a FBS game. Bring on UNI, Chattanooga, Richmond, Illinois State, EWU, Montana!