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[quote quote=26988]FBS games are a balance between:
I don’t think Lehigh should ever just simply put FBS teams on the schedule just because, but for the right opportunity, I don’t think Lehigh should shy away from that. We don’t do that in men’s basketball. Why would we do that for football?


The differences are 1) in basketball all Division I teams are in the same classification and 2) basketball teams play roughly 3 times as many non-conference games as football teams, so games against stronger D1 opponents make sense for both the marquee program and the lower-level program.

From Lehigh’s perspective, if they are going to schedule Division I-A/FBS games, IMO they should aim for G5 or lower-level P5 programs that are relatively close by (so many Lehigh fans have a reasonable shot of attending the game) and they can be competitive and have a chance to win. (At a bare minimum, all Lehigh FBS games should meet one of those two criteria.) I personally don’t think Lehigh has to play DI-A/FBS opponents every year.