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Most people know my position – I want Lehigh to travel to LSU. I don’t think Lehigh should ever just simply put FBS teams on the schedule just because, but for the right opportunity,…

Chuck – other than your personal desire to go to New Orleans (and potentially catch a Lehigh and Saints game the same weekend), how world does LSU fall under the category of “”right opportunity”? There is nothing to be gained from such a match-up. A certain loss, zero similarity in terms of school profile, etc., not geographically compatible and on and on.

I’d be first on the list to attend and FBS game that had some, any relevance and was reasonably close, but a trip to LSU holds no interest in getting on a plane for. Give me a Pitt, BC, Vandy, Wake Forest, Virginia, Duke, Rutgers, Temple, etc, before a trip to the Bayou. I’d rather a game against a strong FCS team before a game at an irrelevant FBS site.

Have nothing against an “event” game but I too want one with a school we have some connection with. I would add UCONN and UMASS to your list.