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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

UVA maybe an impossible reach given the in-state preference for FCS games. Even so, a school like UVA would be cool. Duke in Durham would be a nice weekend gettaway. The Big 10 has three schools that would work imo, Rutgers, Maryland and Northwestern. Unfortunately, given their stance on FCS games it seems impossible. I really have no interest in a Lehigh-PSU game. Vanderbilt, Tulane (Chuck still gets to the bayou), or one of the bumbling Texas schools like Rice or SMU would be a cool watch too. I have to throw in North Texas as well.

I still some are underrating the the MAC opponents. Academically, Miami(OH) would fit and they’re very beatable. Akron and Kent State are easy trips too. Several of the schools are located in Lehigh’s recruiting footprint and the MAC has some cred.

Miller, you really think there’s a correlation between scheduling a FBS game and FCS success? I don’t believe that for a second. FCS wins something like 7% of their FBS games. Even the really good programs in FCS get blowing out more often then they’re even competitive. NDSU is clearly the exception to that right now. I’ll continue to take those two elite FCS games a year as a way to prepare for the league and the playoffs.

My one real issue with the schedule is the lack of imagination. Lehigh plays the same teams over and over and over. It’s the same Ivies (Princeton and Yale) and it’s the same CAA teams (UNH, Villanova and JMU) and then Monmouth or CCSU. How about William & Mary? Richmond? Towson? Maine? Albany? I’d love to see Joe branch out to the MVFC. Lehigh has really picked up recruiting in the Great Lakes area so it makes sense from that aspect. Likewise with establishing ties with the SoCon. Wofford, Furman, and The Citadel would be great opponents.