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Glib quickie. We will score boatloads of points. Will we stop anybody is an open issue.
On O we return all except an Olineman and a TE. WE look to have the best O in PL among a lot of very good units. Led by Shafniskey at QB and Bragalone at RB and the best WR corps Lehigh has had in a while.
D returns a lot of starters and lettermen on Dvhas been pretty awful over the last 3 years. Part of last year’s issues was shifting to a brand new scheme and a lot of injuries at DB and LB. Talent and pretty good depth are there. Execution and communication ? We’ll see. The one positive sign was that unit showed extended periods of very good play. Amid a sea of atrocious play. I am optimistic for next year. All we need is a mediocre D and we’ll do very well.
Of course,to be honest I’ve been optimistic the last few years and been totally wrong. A little spin, our 2 PL Ls were clise shootouts to the 2 playoff teams. Best O and worst D got us a winning record and 5 yds short of PL title.