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I worry about the “body bag” games – maybe too much. Maybe things have changed, but here’s where I’m coming from: my dad went to the Naval Academy in the ’60s, and closely followed their football at that time. Staubach years – stories for another day. But he told me for years about the toll the “big name” games (read as today’s FBS) took on their players. He’d tell stories of putting up a great fight for a half, but then getting beaten down by physically superior beasts. Sure, stories grow with age, but he talked about challenges to fielding linemen by the 4th q due to injuries. And I think Navy was, and probably still is, a lot more like an FBS program than we are.
Again, maybe things have changed dramatically. And before I get the “Butkus and Deacon Jones…” stuff – I think today’s FBS athletes are probably stronger and better trained – physically – than pros were at that time.