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Our strength over the power 5 is education. I’m not just talking quality i’m talking about what degree do you want. Look at a power 5 roster, how many engineering majors do you see? If they have any they are Freshmen or Sophomores virtually no JRs or SRs with advanced degrees. Just read some of our guys bios they wanted something other then a business degree thats why they are here.

On another note I was a a game this year and saw some recruits sitting in the stands alone (with their families). At the big schools this will not happen. We are missing this piece. I said to my wife what do they do if they have questions about the school? Wouldn’t you want to ask a student about their experience? We got them in the door but ignored them for a few hours. Not good business practice. Let’s have a student or two sit with them. They could answer questions about the School or about the food trucks at the game.