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Think montgomery might be playing rover now, starting (where is butler???). kinda small. I honestly dont know how they evaluating the talent, i watch alot of practices and just dont understand it. the kickoff team has some of the slowest and worst tacklers on the team! the kicckoff return STILL has #12 back there and he is not a threat. hold off on wilson, he has potential but got beat alot. you had 1’s on O vs 2’s on D. like i said last scrimmage i wanted to see our 2’s D vs our 1’s O. seemed liked they played better than our 1’s on D…go figure. like the move with jones at CB, he will be our best CB. still wondering why they forcing #19 into starting lineup at safety. he has showed nothing that stands out against kids who have been waiting for their shot….Geis,Butler,Redman, Polanis. he was basically just penciled in for that spot. Our D has alot of work. LU cant afford to lose early on trying to figure it out. and i agree, we need the biggest lineman we got in the middle of the horrible 3-3-5

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  • This reply was modified 4 years ago by  LehighGuy.