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Go Lehigh TU Owl
Go Lehigh TU Owl

Monmouth has some very good skill players that will test Lehigh. I’d argue their skill guys are better than Villanova’s. They have a second team All Big South RB (Monmouth’s 8th all time rusher and he’s only a junior), 1st team Big South WR and an experienced QB. They did however lose three OL.

They’re small on defense, very small. I don’t see anyway they stop Lehigh unless the Mountain Hawks kill themselves. Their front 7 goes 240, 275, 255, 235, 190, 245, 205.

I’d love to see Lehigh hold these guys under 30 and put up 40 plus. A 2011 type game is what I’m hoping for. The weather should be fine for the game.