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[quote quote=27759]coen does not play. the boys do and they sure did not do it well. if we come out next week and play well is coen now a genious. i think the players need to man up and grow a pair and stop pointing whos at fault. i think we will be fine after digesting what i just saw. 6-4.

So the coaching is irrelevant? They recruit the players who didn’t show up. If Monmouth hadn’t had so many penalties, this would have been a 20 point loss. This defense has the same deficiencies as last year. Can’t get stops to get off the field. Tackling is abysmal.

Where are the six wins coming from? And even if it is possible, we’re looking at another 6-5 season! Yeah😣 Another mediocre season.

I’m was on the “it’s time for a change” bandwagon after the 2014 season and the fiasco in the Bronx. Nothing since then has changed my mind.