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When did Cecchini depart?

Cecchini was at Lehigh from 2010-2013

Coen’s career record 68-46
w/ Cecchinni – 39-9
w/o C – 29-37
Record the season before C arrived 4-7
Record the first season with C – 10-3
Record in C’s last season – 8-3
Record in the year after C’s last season – 3-8
Playoff appearances with C – 2
Playoff appearances w/o C – 0
Patriot League championships w C – 2
Patriot League championships w/o C – 1 (1st year post Lembo)

Cecchinni changed the landscape of Lehigh football from the sideline. As a matter of fact, it changed immediately. So try to tell me again it’s the players and not the coaching.

Man, that is one very interesting (and damning) analysis. I hope Sterrett is looking at the same facts.

By the way, wonder if the university is looking at the rather dismal attendance at today’s game. Perfect weather for a home opener. A far cry from when we used to draw 8,000 to 10,000+ and be the flagship for the league.