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Monmouth had a great plan. Strong Safety spied on Shaf all game and stopped every run attempt. D-line lined up on our new guards every play so center could only help one of them while bringing some pressure from LB or DB. Guards cut blocked our LBs, our D line made tackles but many were 7 yds down field, and stats say Kauf had 12 solos and Mc only had 1 plus 1 interception. Clearly someone trying to re-write history there. Our SS made at least 12 tackles and Harvey had the other 12.

If camp was extra hard and long, the boys should have been prepared. Lehigh has talent, but appears lack of leadership continues. This is not a high performing program starting with the AD, Head Coach, DC, and OC. The boys do perform but they need to be given the tools. The simplification of the D translates to me as Bott has no ability to explain how to effectively execute the 3-3-5. No different than having a professor that can’t teach, these boys are clearly trying to figure things out on their own. Sad!!

Curious does the administration seek upwArd feedback from the players?? What is their take on the coaches? Clearly most came from high performing teams, schools with great leaders. What do they see? Are they inspired and encouraged to perform? Would love to know and would hope someone like the President would too.