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[quote quote=27781]Unbelievable…are you talking about the same Dave Cecchini who is 5-17 in his 1st 2 years at Valpo (1-9) last year and is currently losing 40-10 in the 3Q to Illinois St?

Are the posters on this board the sames ones who blasted Coen, Folmar and Shafnisky after the 1st game last year and then then seemed to get selective amnesia by the end of the season when our offense produced some of the best #s ever included the teams mentored by Chick.
Get a hold of yourself. This is going to be a long season.


You’re drawing the wrong inference. I don’t think anyone is stating to bring Chick back, but the statistics highlight that he greatly helped the program and without him Coen has been a sub-500 coach.

Another thread comments on how MU had a great gameplay; this suggests our staff was outcoached.

Time for changes.