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Some good points,some hyperbole and a big dose of over reaction.
Yesterday was not on Shaf . An OL collapse. MU had simple D scheme max pressure. Thet didn’t care what we ran. OL not at game speed. Simply put they panicked, missing assignments then devoving into a confused mess. Marino got them sorted half. An effective line and O in the 2nd.
Mayes will be a great QB and likely set all kinds of records. His arm would have made no difference yesterday. Like Shaf he would have had no time.
Ceech was a great OC and thestaff turnover on his move hurt the entire program Folmar started slow but showed last year he us a very good OC.
Time for a change?
2 years overdue IMO. The target is not Coen. Botts has shown zero since coming back. Lots of reasons. #1 likely being very poor talent evaluation and recruiting by his predecessors. He has markedly improved recruiting . He has hired a number of very good assts. The basics are there. My issue is Botts still does not seem comfortable calling a3-3-5 scheme. We did “hold” a veteran O to 23 but D spent 2/3s of the game on the field. Partly our 1st half O implosion but also Ds inability to close MU out on way too many drives. Botts seem to play a read and react scheme. 3-3-5 not structured for that.
All speculation on my part from what I saw yesterday. One game not remotely enough to trashcan this season.