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After thinking this through, I think I realized the two issues I have that disappointed me the most about yesterday’s game.

1. In both trenches, Mounmouth beat us hands down. The offensive line did better in the second half, but the O line had no answer to Monmouth’s pass rush and Shaf was running for dear life during a lot of those plays. On defense, almost every run play was through the D line for positive yardage. Sacks? Monmouth – 2 for 5 yards (which didn’t account for QB hurries and designed runs that went for loss), Lehigh, 0 for 0 yards. If you lose both trench battles, you’re probably going to lose, period.

2. I always loathe seeing something happen in a game that I warned against in my preview, and “making tackles in space” is the part that makes me curse. I don’t have the YAC numbers for Monmouth’s receivers, but they had to be huge. I don’t think Williams completed a pass over 15 yards in the air – the big receptions came after RB screens or dunks that became big plays later through missed tackles. The D needs to do a much, much better job completing tackles in space and tackling better in general.