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I would say that Nick is a good QB. I am not sure that I would say that he is an excellent QB, if you consider Reiker, Stambaugh, Lum, Borda, and Hall as excellent QBs. Nick isn’t even one of the top two or three QBs in the P.L.

I can’t recall that he has led the team to a season defining or career defining win to date. He had an opportunity last year at Colgate but came up 5 yards short. I know the defense was awful, but the game was still in Nick’s hands at the end. He also had an opportunity in the Bronx, but did not play particularly well. He still has 10 games left to do so.

Based on his performance last year, Mayes doesn’t seem to be an unknown. The staff should not be reluctant to go to him if the offense is ineffective or even as a change up. He certainly has the ability to stretch the field better.

However, Nick is not the question mark on the team at this point. He just needs to be efficient and take care of the ball. With Bragalone and core of receivers, this team should routinely score 30 points a game.

I agree that the O-line was less than dominant, disappointing considering that is has three returning starters. Monmouth just seemed to out quick them.

This season is still going to come down to the defense performing and getting the offense the ball. It is unreasonable to expect that the offense is going to score every time it touches the ball. The offense also can’t be expected to play from behind or to just stay even as it did much of the past two years. It puts too much pressure on them and whoever is playing QB

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