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[quote quote=27862]Stop this foolishness

Our QB with “the inability to throw downfield with even a modicum of accuracy or with frequency.” racked up 49 on Lafayette last year.

Our “inaccurate” thrower went 21 for 27 for 283 yards and 4 TDs also added a 100+ yard rushing performance.

Oh yeah he was also MVP of the game.

Oh yeah the week before that he put up 42 on Colgate, went 23 for 36 with 271 yards passing and 2 TDs.

Number of interceptions in the last three games: A grand total of 2.

No really I can’t utterly believe how idiotic Hawkineer’s post was


You didn’t address any of his points and your main retort is to quote the performance against 1-10 Lafayette last year. Had you mentioned Colgate instead, you would have had a bit more leg to stand on.

In response to the initial post, I’ve noted this same lack of a deep ball game for some time now.

No one, including me, is stating anything insulting, derogatory or personally hurtful against Nick. He’s first class. That does not mean, however, that we, as fans and followers, may not critically analyze the various facets of Lehigh’s offense or its QB and the coaches’ selection and use of its QBs.

It is the opinion – and only the opinion – of several posters here that Lehigh might be better off with a QB who has greater range. You don’t have to agree, but I have yet to see anyone here make the case that Lehigh has a BETTER offense because we have a run-oriented QB who can work the short and mid-range game. I’m sure someone will now.

Likewise, I’ve been agitating for a change at the top and no one has said, “no LUHawker, you’ve got it all wrong. AC is a terrific HC. He’s shown remarkable success and consistency and has demonstrated tremendous ability to select great coordinators over his 11 years.”

Somehow, whenever this is brought up, the discussion devolves into a Cecchini debate. Maybe AC will surprise me and we’ll suddenly turn into a perennial playoff program, but after 10 years of closely following AC and his program, I think those odds are low.

Also, I’m sorry (NOT!) for bringing this up early this year, but the reality is that this is not something new and has been an issue for several years. We Lehigh supporters got charmed in 2010 and 2011 into thinking that we had a real gem after the first bunch of mediocre Coen years. I, for one, am no longer charmed.