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When I think of 3 point shooters, I’m looking not just at % made but also attempts. Only guy we have who is a volume long range shooter is AP. He had 179 attempts last year. KL and KR are adequate shooters but that isn’t their primary focus. KL had about 100 attempts and KR way less than that. If you have a post guy, like we do this year, in TK, who can command a double team, you need specialists outside the arc who can knock down a lot of 3’s. I think in recent history of a guy like Bryson Johnson with Muscala. He was more of a specialist, but was taking around 200 triples a year and that opens up space for your offense to operate. I am not sure once AP leaves, if we have that on roster. A zone buster from deep. May not be as critical once TK goes, if we don’t have a scoring post, but nice to have. Maybe Andree is that guy. But, I don’t see him getting a ton of minutes early on, as he is going to struggle with athleticism and defense early on, in my opinion.