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Scary number of the day: 0

As in, the total combined minutes of front-court experience among players not named Tim Kempton. Ouch.

I completely get the point that BA has not played the 4, nor shown us post play or a nose for boards. But the staff may feel that they don’t have much choice. I hope that’s not true – I hope we have a few new bigs who are ready to contribute immediately. But if not, we may be looking at a whole-new level of “small ball”.

A bit of consolation on that point: JC started at the 4 full time last year, while we played 3 guards with him. Don’t think we ever really saw paint play become a big part of his game either. However – and this may be the key – he could defend a legit 4, and do it well. That is the biggest concern right now, for me.