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Todd, I think you are 100% correct in your post. We are hoping, but we have no clue what we have in frontcourt, outside of TK. We know BA is a player, from what we saw 2 years ago. He’s a guard, but they may be forced to start there and go small. The other guys, who knows. I’m not sure many of them can give us quality minutes, and I think many of them are probably projects. I would put CS, JW and JL in the project category. They have length, but not sure if they are progressed enough at the point in their careers to be reliable contributors. Hoping for contributions, but 1 is a walk-on, so he probably gives us nothing.

To call PA a big man is a real reach. He’s tall, but not a big man. In high school, he was a primarily a perimeter shooter, not a traditional big man. He was more like JC, without the body, spending a great deal of time outside the arc. He is very good shooter, but didn’t show “big man” skills, defending the post, shot blocking and rebounding.

I think MH is our best hope of the bunch up front to be a factor. But, again, hard to access a guy you have only seen in street clothes and a boot. For this team to be good, he needs to be solid and play significant minutes.