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I think my post came across as more negative than intended. I am, of course, very excited for the coming season. This the capper for TK and AP, who have been great; and there’s a bunch of returning talent. On the OOC schedule question, I’d go with 6-5, with a couple of wins that will surprise some people.
It’s just that I hadn’t fully recognized the lack of experience in the front court. I am no less excited about MH than I was last year. But last year, he could have worked his way into the lineup, behind JG and JC. Now, we’re counting on a lot of unknowns. I’m optimistic that a couple of the new guys will pan out; I agree that we’ve had a couple of seemingly very good recruiting classes. But we just don’t know what we have. Sticking with the TK 30 minutes estimate, that leaves us with 50 unaccounted for minutes. Just seems like a lot.
I’m eager to hear some early reports from the staff. Over the past few years, I think we received some pretty good reads on new guys. Doc seemed to rave about both TK and KR as frosh in particular, and he was spot-on about their impact. Here’s hoping we hear some similarly good stuff soon!