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im just staying positive…too much negativity!!! great question on 3-3-5 on 4th and 1. Its either a mistake on coaches.maybe thinking they already had the first down and not being able to get the kids on the field or what i think, a 3-3-5 is really designed to cover all quarters of the field. but what it does mostly is it frees up lbs to fill a-b-c gaps to stuff runs. if run well you will see alot of d-line stunting making the o-line think. this is supposed to create mis-matches and missed assignments by the o-line allowing a defensive player to run free. i wish bot would bring some late dbs in on blitzes or atleast delay blitz lb’s. the delay blitz lb usually will go untouched because the oline is trying to figure out who to block with all the stunting. we run it a lil bland and thats why we do not get much pressure. i still think personel is the main reason we stay in 3-3-5. not sure for certain. but we won…