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[quote quote=28223]I admire luhawker for standing up and polluting our win with negativity.

I’m not sure where all the “negativity” in my post was?

GO – this is not just about this season or one or two games. My frustrations go back all the way back to 2014 and reflect a longer trend.

Perhaps contrary to perceived impression here, I think the team has quite good talent so other than a few misses in the first two recruiting classes post-scholly, AC and staff recruited well on the whole.

However, I remain concerned with the lack of consistency on D in terms of scheme and therefore which players are utilized and recruited. On O, my issues revolve around the lack of creativity and passing game style.

If that stuff is considered negative, then I won’t be able to change your mind, but I feel rather balanced in my assessment. Feel free to disagree.