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Snark? Really? All I’m trying to show you is that the offense only plays half the game. In Lum’s best year Lehigh scored 32.5 ppg and the defense gave up 19 ppg. We won a lot of games and won a playoff game. In 2015, the offense scored 32.5 ppg but gave up 35 ppg and we still just missed the playoff. I’ll let you process that information. Long ball vs short ball had nothing to do with it.
Brad Mayes is going to be a really good QB for Lehigh but take the time to ask him what he thinks of Nick’s abilities. Brad can throw downfield with greater accuracy but as of now is not nearly as mobile. Georgetown and HC (please keep in mind that Nick scored 2 of those TDs and had the longest throw of the game of 44 yards) were the worst pass rushers in the PL. Fordham was perhaps the best. Brad was sacked 4 times and threw 3 interceptions in that partial game.

Nick just ran for 3 TDs and 3 for 3 more in a 49 point output against Penn. All I ask is that you give him some credit.